EconoGroup adds to its existing social awareness range with the new Clubbed Out and Barefoot Flip Flops

No need to walk home barefoot whilst carrying your heels ever again.

EconoGroup’s social awareness Supplies are designed to help improve local communities, be it on the streets, in pubs and clubs or at parties.

EconoGroup a leading UK beauty and medical Supplier have today added to its existing range of social awareness products, with the addition of the Clubbed Out and Barefoot Flip Flops.

Working with national night clubs and local community care organisations, these simple designed flip flops are inexpensive in price.

The new Clubbed Out and Barefoot Flip Flops are handed out at the end of the night when party goers and revelers have had too much alcohol or simply have trouble walking in their normal shoes.

Many young women will often walk home late at night barefoot and can be in danger from a range of problems not including broken glass, and instability of surface, night clubs can now offer to its patrons a safe and stylish way to get home.

EconoGroups social awareness range also supplies local community, care organizations and volunteer groups with a range of products to help the homeless, provide first aid, and combat antisocial behavior.

Alistair Ashworth, managing director said “Here at EconoGroup we want to help you help others, by offering the lowest price we can”.

Emma Hearn, consumer “That is such a great feeling. Your feet just feel so great when they are able to escape those high heels that have had them trapped and tortured for hours!”

For more information on our Clubbed Out and Barefoot Flip Flops please visit

For more information on our Social Awareness Supplies please visit

For over 15 years EconoGroup has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Beauty and Medical products. We are now the preferred supplier for thousands of Beauty and Medical Professionals throughout the country. For more information please contact:

Midsummer House, Adam Court, Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5PP
Telephone 0844 824 3464


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A psychic weekend to remeber

Mystic Worlds are running a “Psychic Weekend” at Pontins in Prestatyn, North Wales from Friday 15th through to Sunday 17th March 2013.

Join Derek Acorah for a private Question & Answer session about his life and work as a Spirit Medium.

Mystic Worlds, a leading UK website offering Psychic and Paranormal events to enthusiasts and members of the public, are running a “Psychic Weekend” at Pontins in Prestatyn, North Wales from Friday 15th through to Sunday 17th March 2013.

The weekend offers a variety of readers, retail stands and treatments, and opens to the public on Friday 15th 11am – 6pm, Saturday 16th 10am – 6pm and Sunday 17th 10am – 5.30pm. On the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings there will be Clairvoyants on stage between 7.30pm and 10.15pm passing messages from the Spirit World to members of the audience.

Before Saturday’s show there is a chance for 20 people to join Derek Acorah for a private Question & Answer session about his life and work as a Spirit Medium. These limited tickets are available only from Mystic Worlds and not the venue so please see our website or call 07758485217 before they sell out!

Members of the public, Readers, Healers/Treatment providers and Retail Traders are welcome to book and join us at this event. Please call Mystic Worlds on 07758 485217 or visit for further information. Places are available now!

“Here at mystic worlds we are thrilled to have three of the UK’s best mediums including, Phil Griggs, Derek Acorah and Charlotte on stage for our weekend of mediums.” Malcolm Chambers founder of mystic worlds

“This is a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to get some hands on experience and learn from the best mediums in the UK.” Malcolm Chambers founder of mystic worlds

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Standing in the twilight of 2012 and looking forward to the dawn of 2013

Don’t make a resolution just use this saying……………………..

In the last few months of 2012 my world changed with the news that my job was no more and it was time to say goodbye. The timing of this two months before Christmas and just eight months before my wedding left me feeling a blade between my shoulders and hearing the sound of the wolf at my door.

As I left  a friend of mine called Tom said “you never know this could be the best day of your life so far ” simply feeling that it was nothing more than an empty expression, nothing more than a hallmark moment I headed home.

My farther once told me that life is a big wheel one moment it can be grinding you under it, but all you have to do is hang just a little and you will be riding high again.

That was eight weeks ago and how right both of those expressions are, I left and spent every waking moment searching for a new job, I pushed and chased and resisted the urge to give in and watch daytime TV.

And now as I look towards the new year I have a new role inside one of the largest medical and beauty suppliers working across marketing, PR, and sales the new year will bring a move to larger offices and the company is growing and fast past, and needs representation at trade shows, and across media platforms, it is so far from the small family run business I left.

But I have to be thankful to my wonderful fiancée for not faltering for one moment, and next year I’m lucky enough to marry the most beautiful girl and have her as my wife.

The thing I shall take from 2012 is Tom’s words “the best day of my life so far” whenever a co-workers asks me how my day is going, or if the rain is starting to get me down, or any kind of question that offered with dull undertones I simply say that this is “the best day of my life so far”.

Every year I make a resolution to get fit or stop smoking or some other fashionable trend that ends on the third week of January. Not this year for 2013 I will take Tom’s saying and make it happen everyday, no matter how small, I will count my blessings and be thankful and I will make everyday in 2013 the best day of my life so far and hope you do as well.

Happy new year everyone may everyday be the best of your life. J

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“While you live tell the truth and shame the devil” The fall of journalism and the rise of Brand journalism

Brand Journalism a new hot up coming topic in the PR community and strangely enough a large part of it is coming from journalists.

In recent months the PR market has become flooded with high numbers of journalists and fresh-faced university graduates all having a degree in journalism applying to be PR industry experts.

I can see why in this day and age journalists are hoping that they can re-brand themselves as Brand  Journalists and the world will be a better place for it, and they’ll feel better too.

That’s not how things work in recent times from the banking crisis to News Corp, or phone hacking , expenses scandals to the Jimmy Savile affair, many of our institutions have had bloody noses this past year or so, and it is well-known that a journalist will go to bed with the devil to get a story, rather than speak the truth.

So now the PR industry is flooded with journalist I have little confidence in people becoming ‘brand journalists’  for the simple fact that PR is not journalism. The problem is that hiring a journalist alone doesn’t make content compelling.

Who controls the message?

The fact is that the dynamics have just changed. We can all see that the media doesn’t control the message any more. We now have a complex inter-dependency between three groups: the media, institutions (e.g. businesses, government, charities) and individuals.

All of these groups create content, conversations then the content is shared and endorsed by various parties. For example, a group of people might attend an event organised by a business and tweet about it, which is also written up by a journalist and live-blogged by the brand (probably employing the journalist’s former colleague!).

We see this model in practice over and over. Whether it’s election debates, watching the X Factor or attending the a company’s product launch, these three group are almost always present, vying for attention but equally dependent on each other.

When it comes down to it, the question of brand journalism becomes irrelevant: the role of public relations is to try to marshal these three groups, measure what’s working and help various parties earn trust. It’s something we all need to work on      together.

As always if you have any comments or question please leave then.

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Ask not what social media can do for you but what you can do for social media Part 2 Facebook

In my last social media blog I covered the use of Twitter and the various free tools used to grow followers and increase brand awareness on this social platform.

This time I’m going to be covering Facebook not how to set up a fan page, but the tools I find are great for marketing, and some top tips used in my PR role to help achieve the best results for our clients.

Facebook is an easy to use, fast growing, and one of the most recognised brands on the planet, however recent studies show that users are simply not interacting as much as they used to the accounts are there but the interaction is not.

To understand how your business or brand is doing on Facebook the only tool I would use is  a free analytical tool that gives you several free reports

A fan Page Report

This report measures how effectively your brand is engaging on Facebook and which posts and tactic are working.

A Facebook Competitive analysis report
This report measures how your brand/company stacks up to competitors and what are their brands doing that works.

A Facebook Insights Report
Want to know how your Fan Page perform across the board? Just use this report.

A Content Analysis
Which content types are top performers and drive the most engagement.

This will cover all the bases and essentials best of all it’s free, but as with all good PR and marketing content is king so to help you I listed some of my top tips.

Brand pages that post less frequently receive significantly higher values for virality. Posting once every three days (max) yields better engagement rates.

The optimum time for posting content is before noon and after work hours.

 The highest values for virality are obtained on Sundays, meaning businesses should grasp the opportunity to reach their audience on weekends.

Keep it short and sweet. Posts with more than three lines of text score lower in      engagement.

Using pictures with a post is essential, raising the virality of content by 69%.

According to research, photo galleries perform very well on Facebook, boosting      virality by 73%, yet brands rarely use them.

Surveys boost engagement by an enormous 139%, yet brands hardly ever use them only 1.5% of all posts analysed were surveys.

Don’t bother. Posts with links received 88% less virality than other types of      content, so only use them is absolutely necessary.

Keeping language simple, concise and emotional helps to boost engagement with a    post by 92%, 56% and 64% respectively.

Retail brands post around one-third more frequently than consumer brands, yet      consumer brands’ virality scores are more than twice as high. Therefore, retail brands should post less frequently and focus on the quality of post they publish.

I hope enjoyed this blog and found it useful, if you have any questions or comments I look forward to hearing them.



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With a good PR team and marketing plan you can sell anything

The amazing and true story of Dr John Brinkley aka the goat-gland surgeon

A doctor, surgeon, sex therapist, talk show host, broadcasting mogul, politician Dr john Brinkley was a man who built an empire on an incredible fluke and some great PR.

John Romulus Brinkley was born into extreme poverty in 1885, his early career in life started as a snake oil salesman, telegrapher and a electro magnetic quack.

He moved around and got hold of a conviction for fraud and eventually settled in Kansas with a $500 MD from the electric medical Kansas university.

After taking a job as a small town doctor one day a local farmer came to him with a low sex drive, the good doctor convinced the farmer that a transplant of a goat gland into his testicles might help the situation.

The practice of transplanting glands had become a great fad across Europe and was just starting off in the USA. The farmer came back, within a week not only had it worked, but his wife also became pregnant within a year of the operation she had given birth to a son.

He soon found he had a steady string of clients beating a path to his door, he built a custom stable and production line out the back of his house for the goats and then hit on a great PR and marketing idea.

In 1923 he set up a radio station KFKB (Kansas first Kansa best) which allowed him to be heard halfway across the atlantic, he formed partnerships with local chemists  his medical question box section allowed listeners to send in with a medical question and he would recommend a cure and the nearest chemist to pick it up from.

The cures where nothing more the coloured water and he received hearty payoffs from all in his network, and his fame and fortune grew.

This just goes to prove that no matter what your story with a good PR team and marketing plan you can sell anything.

One last note on the good doctor he came into trouble with the american medical association and the federal radio regulators, his station was closed down in 1931, he ended his days in mexico with three yachts, a fleet of Cadillacs, and an estate which was home to penguins and tortoises and died in 1941.

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Ask not what social media can do for you but what you can do for social media

This blog will focus on Twitter and programs that can increase your followers, mass unfollow, how to track your tweets, and the correct use of a social network.

A simple messaging service that can send a story round the world to businesses, journalists, politicians, or just your friends. Twitter is estimated to have 225 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handles over 800,000 search queries per day.

The programs and tools listed in this blog are ones that I have used and found to be very useful.

The first thing everyone wants to do is grow their followers, I’m sure you will see so many places that offer 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000 followers in a day. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I started using Twitter and after 3 months I had over 1000 followers an average growth of 300+ followers a month and it cost me nothing, all you have to do is follow this 4 step program.

Step 1 follow in mass numbers

Start by following people as simple as that, once you have run out of family friends and co workers, I recommend using a program called Twiends free sign up and this little app allows you to mass follow twitter users, by tweets, business, interests, country, you can set preferences for your account such as auto follow back. Twitter has a limit to the number of people you can follow based on a ratio of followers and following, and will stop you following after a while.

Step 2 Wait

As you know if you follow someone they follow you back straight away right? Wrong this can take a while people are away and have other things to do, or are simply rude. Once you have hit your limit just wait give people time I use a week, then it is time to purge.

Step 3 Purge

There are many tools that can help you with this, some are paid for some are very in-depth with information. The free tool I use is mange flitter a very simply tool to mass unfollow, by non active, not following, non english (language is set by twitter as default), you can remove hundreds of followers a day

Step 4  Go back to step one and start over again.

So that’s the tools you need to grow your Twitter network but have you ever wondered how effective your network is, there are two tools that I recommend. The first is great for  statistic reference showing that size is not everything tweetreach The second is a much more simple tool, Klout this combines activities by you on social networks Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, works out a score and your social style.

All these tools can help you on twitter but these simple rules will help you be great on Twitter.

  • Post interesting Tweets (content is King)
  • Comment on other Tweets
  • Thank people for following you
  • Never ever be rude on Twitter
  • Mention other users
  • #FF aka follow back friday
  • Don’t post tweets about what you had for dinner (who cares)

I hope you found this useful, please leave any comments or feedback and if you have a moment see you on Twitter @Edwardfox79 I do follow back.






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